Montech Technologies is the local partner of Nexus Telecoms

Nexus Telecom is a privately-held company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland whose core business is Network Monitoring and Testing. Nexus Telecom is a leading software solution provider for telecom operators to ensure superior network performance which increases customer satisfaction and thus, brings in more revenue. Nexus Telecom’s near real-time analytical software allows telecommunication service degradations and network malfunctions to be quickly detected and appropriately resolved.

Montech Technologies, in partnership with Nexus Telecoms, is committed to bringing you the best equipment for monitoring your network and quality of service. Our product solution range covers

  • Network and Service Monitoring
  • Network Subscriber Data management
  • Unified Network Performance Management
  • Service Quality Testing
  • VoLTE and VoIP Quality Management
  • Roaming Management Analytics

Check out some our products below. You can contact us for more information

Nexus Verifier

Proactive Service Verification System

NexusVERIFIER is an active test solution for simultaneous execution of numerous test campaigns across a multitude of network technologies and service applications – all from a single point in your core network.

Simulating all aspects of user behavior in the network, NexusVERIFIER continuously and proactively analyzes service performance. And, of course, continuous service testing enables you to find and solve service issues before your customers even notice any service or quality degradation.

Key Benefits:

  • Automated centralized network-wide testing from a single point in your core network
  • 24×7 scheduled test campaigns automatically executed; no need to go on-site
  • No impact on valuable Air Resources
  • Shortened Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) with exact problem location detection and reproducibility
  • Automatic report and alarm generation and forwarding
  • Modular design – only purchase the service applications you require
  • With your superior quality of service, prevent customers switching to other operators and attract Roaming customers
  • Quickly and easily designed test campaigns
  • Re-use existing tests
  • Export of test call CDRs for billing verification

Whether you are looking to improve

  • Mobile Voice,
  • Mobile Data,
  • Roaming Services,
  • VoIP,

the NexusVERIFIER Test Suite can meet your service verification needs. And, with the International Roaming Monitoring (IRM) and Billing Verification extensions, NexusVERIFIER can further increase your profitability.

NexusNETVIEW Signaling Intelligence (SI)

NexusNETVIEW Signaling Intelligence is a Signaling Surveillance System providing vendor-independent end-to-end visibility of signaling traffic in wireline, wireless/mobile and NGN networks. Signaling Intelligence monitors traffic from the following networks: GSM/GPRS/UMTS, LTE, PSTN/ISDN, VoIP, NGN.

NexusNETVIEW Signaling Intelligence comprises a wide variety of applications to secure and enhance network health, service health and billing verification:

  • Network-wide E2E Full Session Analyzer – Voice Call and Data service signaling analysis
  • Customer Care contact touch point (CEM)
  • Centralized Protocol Analysis
  • Network Performance Management (KPI/KQI)
  • Service Performance KPI/KQI (SQM)
  • Alarm Management
  • CDR export for existing CEM, SQM and Revenue Assurance systems

Key Benefits

  • Uniform visibility of all your networks with non-intrusive network monitoring
  • Network-wide investigations accessing on-line and historical raw signaling protocol messages
  • Instant network-wide E2E transaction searches enhancing customer care and technical support
  • Proactively monitor all network Key Performance and Key Quality Indicators (KPI, KQI)
  • Use service utilization statistics for trend analysis and service rollout planning
  • Increase customer satisfaction through centralized service-based monitoring

NexusNETVIEW Signaling intelligence is a distributed, scalable and open system that supports telecom network management and customer care processes in areas of service assurance, performance management, fault management and revenue assurance.

Maximize your profits by using Signaling Intelligence to get a clear picture of what is happening in the network – and where it is happening .

NexusNETVIEW Mobile Broadband (MB)

Service Delivery & Payload Analyzer

Availability, configuration, usage and throughput issues directly impact customer experience of wireless broadband data services accessed through your network. But how do you know if your subscribers are not experiencing such problems?

Do you know exactly why a subscriber’s wireless data service (e.g. FTP access or email communications) is not working? Can you identify incorrectly configured mobile device types? Have you any idea of which top-ranking HTTP/WAP sites are accessed by your wireless subscribers? If not, perhaps it’s time to think about improving your service prospects and customer behavior by monitoring the user plane.

Nexus Telecom’s Service Payload Analyzer, NexusNETVIEW Mobile Broadband, is a unique tool that illuminates the User Plane, the Root of Customer Experience for Wireless Broadband Data Services.
This solution provides full access to transaction details – for each individual subscriber – for any wireless broadband data service accessed through your network.

Key Benefits

  • Proactive intelligent service monitoring of the user plane; analyze which subscribers are accessing what services from where
  • DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) detecting full details of services using non-standard ports and protocols or using encryption
  • All-inclusive, detailed accounting of data service transactions per subscriber
  • No need to schedule or plan monitoring tasks
  • Comprehensive insight to terminal device types, their usage and error rates
  • End-to-end customer experience as perceived by your subscribers

Users pay for the data service, so improving customer experience and meeting customer expectations by monitoring the wireless broadband data service — particularly those on your VIP list – helps increase Mobile Broadband revenues.

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