Our engineering services provides opportunities to negotiate or participate in difficult or unresolved engineering projects.
    Through this service, our skilled team of professionals in technology, operations, and project management provide world-class network engineering and development expertise to government entities, private companies, operators, carriers, and service providers.

    We help our customers compete effectively via support solutions in network Operation and Maintenance, design, and implementation services focused on wire line ( Fiber Optic Networks, Exchanges, NMS) and wireless networks ( Cellular Networks , Satellite Networks, Fixed wireless and Mobile Internet Networks) Data, Voice and Video Networks.

    We help clients assess their needs, then choose and implement the right services for those needs, using technology from today’s industry-leading providers of both hardware and software.

    Montech Technologies Ltd. provides Engineering services solutions globally in the following areas:
    • Wire Line Solutions
    • Wireless Solutions
    • Data Networking Solution

    • Wire Line Solutions

      Montech Technologies Ltd has the edge in providing turnkey solutions to the wire line / fixed networks in the telecommunication field. We have the distinction of providing quality services and prompt turnkey solutions for over fourteen years. We have an excellent team of professionals to execute projects from the very beginning: planning, designing, installation and commissioning of telecommunication systems including switches and transmission for large capacity networks.
      Our turnkey solutions to the wire line/fixed networks:
       Planning/designing/engineering of wire line/fixed networks.
       Installation/testing/commissioning of various telecommunications switches (local/tandem/toll) from vendors like (OCB-283 of M/s ALCATEL, FETEX-150 of M/s FUJITSU, 5ESS of M/s LUCENT, AXE-10 of M/s ERICSSON, M/s SIEMENS, DMS-100/250/300/500 of M/s NORTEL)
       Network management system for telecom networks.
       Project management of telecom networks.
       Operation and maintenance of switches.
       Installation, testing and commissioning of various transmission systems (PDH/SDH/ATM).

    • Wireless Solutions

      Montech Technologies Ltd provides network design, implementation, installation, and operation and maintenance services for CELLULAR/PCS (CDMA, GSM, TDMA and CDPD) based wireless systems based on end-to-end reliability.
      Our turnkey solutions:
       Wireless/ Radio Network Design
       Network Optimization
       RF Optimization
       Installation /Testing/Commissioning
       Operation and Maintenance Planning, design, and implementation of distributive antenna systems (DAS)
       Wired/Optical/RF network architectural design
       Technologies evaluation (ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet, SONET, SDH, RPR, DWDM)
       Network migration planning, including wired (TDM/SONET to IP) and wireless (2G to 3G)
       Point-to-Point and Multipoint wireless network design
       Radio Frequency propagation, path studies, surveys, and regulatory issues
       Billing resolution and system design
       Co-location requirements, applications, agreements, services and space acquisition
       Program/Project management, cell site development, logistics, and construction services
       Equipment acquisition, staging, installation, and test services
       Provisioning and operational services
       Cell site installation and acquisition

    • Data Networking Solution

      Montech Technologies Ltd. provides network services to small/medium corporate segments to enhance their business strategy using Satellite networks or terrestrial infrastructure. Our specially trained professionals in information technology have the expertise to perform quality network planning, design, implementation and installation delivered on a quick response time.
      Our Data Networking Solutions:
       Installation and commissioning of LAN/WAN networks
       Deployment of DSL technologies for Operators, Fiber optic carriers and small/medium corporate segments.
      Our network engineers can help you define your network requirements, develop a sound technology strategy, assess fitness of new application and their impact on your network and determine which products and technologies meet your today's as well as tomorrow's requirements.
      We provide network solutions in the following technologies:
       Ethernet and Fast Ethernet
       Token ring and high speed token ring
       Gigabit Ethernet
       FDDI
       ATM
       SONET
       Frame Relay

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